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Choosing to Work With DFI - Our Service Levels

  • Evaluations
    determines whether further examination is advisable.

  • Complete Examination
    Identifies and catalogs specific items of interest to the client on a hard disk drive or other storage media and presents a detailed report to the client or to the courts.

  • Additional time may be necessary to prepare completed court-ready exhibits and reports. As drive sizes and operating system complexity increase dramatically, bench time and report preparation time increase accordingly.

  • DFI is available to assist other examiners in performing complete and fully documented data audits of a hard disk drive. This service may be particularly important for law enforcement, prosecutors, law firms, businesses, and corporations.

Emergency requests and rush orders. DFI Computer Forensics takes cases on a first come, first serve basis. Short deadline and rush requests will be given due consideration but may quoted a higher rate.

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