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  • If you suspect wrongdoing immediately call DFI for advice on how to proceed
  • We will perform an evaluation of the hard drive from that system either on-site
    or in our lab
  • You will receive an evaluation report
  • With the evaluation report in-hand you determine the next course of action, if any
  • If you choose to proceed to the Examination level DFI will provide a retention agreement outlining the scope of our services and the estimated charges for those services
  • We will then do a complete forensic analysis per the written agreement - this will include a detailed report of all examination activities and their results
  • After receiving the detailed report you will be able to determine the best course of action: nothing, disciplinary action, termination, and/or criminal proceedings
  • We will provide expert witness testimony in court if requested.

NOTE: The procedures and techniques we use in forensic examination will always allow the results to be entered into a court of law

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