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Choosing to Work With DFI - OUR FEES

  • Level 1 Evaluation DFI charges $250 for an on-site evaluation of a single hard drive. If the evaluation suggests a Level 2 Evaluation is advised, for an additional $500, we will make a forensic copy of the media for analysis in our labs. For a RAID system or multiple hard drives, please call for a quote.

  • Level 2 Evaluation If you are reasonably certain digital evidence exists on your media, DFI charges $600 for an Evaluation of a single hard drive in our labs or $800 for an on-site evaluation. For a RAID system or multiple hard drives, please call for a quote.

  • Examinations We bill at a rate of $250 to $350 per hour, (determined by operating system, difficulty of recovery, and whether court testimony may be necessary). This rate will be determined and quoted before any examination begins.

NOTE: Government agencies please call for quotes.

  • Retainer Clients proceeding after an evaluation will be asked to provide a $5,000 retainer.
    A signed retention agreement is required before conducting any examination (excluding an evaluation). The retention agreement specifies the scope and details of the examination to be performed. We will provide feedback to your organization at agreed upon milestones.
  • Special Circumstances You will be notified immediately if we encounter any conditions that will lengthen the estimated time quoted for the examination.

  • Travel We do not alter our rates for clients that require travel, but instead have trip charges to cover lost time due to travel. Our Trip Charge rates are:

    • In-town (less than 100 miles from our offices in downtown Minneapolis or Milbank, SD) travel rate is a flat $125 trip fee (Sioux Falls and Aberdeen are considered local from Milbank). Distances will be computed using Google Maps

    • Out-of-town the first 100 miles will be charged at our in-town rate of $125. After 100 miles we charge $1 per mile from either office location

    • Air-travel are $500 for trips less than 1,500 miles from the Minneapolis airport and $1,000 for trips greater than 1,500 miles

    • Reasonable per diem and expenses will be added to all trip charges (gas, lodging, air-fare, etc.)

    • We will negotiate travel expenses if warranted

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