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About Digital Forensic Investigations, Inc.

Digital Forensic Investigations is a division of H.I.S. Systems. As such we are part of a tradition providing businesses and government agencies services since 1983.

In 1983, David Schultz started H.I.S. Computer Services to sell computer hardware and to create accounting software to run on Commodore Computers for non-profit organizations. In 1985 we added an accounting system for IBM PCs. During 1990 H.I.S. positioned itself to fill a void in the growing hardware and software maintenance market. At this time the business also entered the computer networking and network maintenance markets.

In 1995 other companies with similar operating principles and with complementary services formed a loose alliance to assist each other to provide additional services and share resources. As a result of this alliance an umbrella company, H.I.S. Systems, Incorporated was formed. At this time Mr. Schultz decided the time was right to change H.I.S. Computer Services name to PC Pros. That business is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2008.

During 2001, H.I.S. Systems, Inc. expanded its IT consulting services by adding an office near Milbank, in eastern South Dakota.

For the past few years Mr. Schultz watched with interest and became involved in a growing service within the tech industry: Data Recovery and Forensic Investigation. In 2007 he started exploring certification in this growing industry and formed a new company: Digital Forensic Investigations, or DFI, Inc.

Now, with certification complete and nearly three decades of IT experience, Digital Forensic Investigations has the expertise to handle the most demanding of cases. We also have the background to assist your internal IT departments in helping with the discovery process. If your organization lacks the needed IT skills, we have the resources to provide those services for you.

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