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Digital Forensic Investigations is pleased to announce a partnership with Project Jason. Their mission:

". . . to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support."

Project Jason

How DFI Labs Can Help Families with Missing Persons

  • Once you realize a person is missing, immediately contact your law enforcement agency.

  • Turn off and unplug any computer(s) that person regularly used and call DFI for advice on how to proceed. Often clues can be found by tracing web browsing habits, e-mails, and IM or chat room (forum) threads. Any evidence we discover will be reported to the client and, with approval, turned over to authorities. We can provide expert witness testimony in court if requested.

We would suggest that you also contact Project Jason and make use of their considerable resources plus receive emotional support during this traumatic time.

Pro Bono Work
Digital Forensic Investigations will gladly offer its services on a pro bono basis to worthy causes in conjunction with a reputable law firm or legal aid organization. For more information,  please, e-mail us.

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